Night Drawing deals with the matter of darkness in the urban environment. The project is an artistic inquiry intended to reflect on changes in and aesthetic dimensions of the urban night environment. It is a socially engaged undertaking hoping to gain new leverage on architectural fragments and city structures. Playful exploration, humorous narratives and poignant emotional affect are all equally important parts of these expeditions.
Night Drawing offers a laboratory for the investigation of natural forces of darkness in conjunction with artificial light, modes of perception, metropolitan lifestyles and visual language. It tackles contemporary perceptual challenges and explores how drawing operates in the night environment as a form of translation of our perception. The event does not foreground the artworks created, nor does it idealise nature. What is at stake is the process of undertaking nocturnal journeys to strengthen conscious perceptual experiences of the physical space surrounding us. The idea is to link critical reflections and debates on mediated space, visual communication and social experiences.